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The primary road linking Toronto to Niagara Falls is the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) This major highway also provides access to many towns and cities across the Niagara Region. When traveling from Toronto follow the QEW south towards Fort Erie. Take the Highway 420 exit towards downtown Niagara Falls. Follow this road until you come to Falls Avenue, which turns into the Niagara River Parkway, and will take you to the Falls.

If driving to the Niagara region from the east from New York the major American highway from both the southwest and southeast is the 1-90. Visitors travelling to Niagara from New York state have several choices in their point of entry into Canada. There are boarding crossings at Niagara Falls (Rainbow Bridge & Niagara Whirlpool Rapids Bridge for NEXUS holders only), Queenston (Queenston/Lewiston Bridge) and Fort Erie, (Peace Bridge). All of these routes are nearby or merge into the QEW which is the primary road linking Niagara Falls to Toronto.