Old Scow

On August 7, 1918 a scow was marooned in the Upper Rapids when it broke loose from the tug that was towing it. The cables holding the two vessels together eventually gave way under the scows weight, and it began drifting towards the brink of the Horseshoe Falls. There were two sailors aboard the ill fated vessel, a 40 year old sailor named James Harris, and a 51 year old Swedish sailor named Gustav Lofberg. The men would eventually run the vessel aground by opening one of the scows bottom doors. Several men worked throughout the night to save the stranded sailors. It was not until the next morning when a breaches buoy was successfully sent to the scow, that the two men were rescued after being trapped for over 19 hours. The scow can still be seen today in the waters above the falls, although it has greatly deteriorated.